Dakhla is an exceptional site
between ocean and desert

Welcome to Dakhla lagoon, a magical interlude between ocean and desert, where the wind, waves and the sun play together in harmony.

"What makes the desert beautiful, is that somewhere it hides a well" Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

View of dunes Dakhla

A unique Ecolodge
in the bay of Daklha

Discover the White Dune with our excursion team. When you arrive by 4x4 to the site, you will trek around a majestic white sand dune overlooking the lagoon.

You will then head to the Asnaa springs for a massage in hot, sulphur-rich waters. 

Desert discovery excursion
Sebkhet Imlily

In the south of Dakhla, set off to see a real jewel of nature in the heart of the eternal beauty of the desert. Here, along sandy and rocky tracks, water miraculously flows. Sebkhet Imlily is a unique wetland area in southern Morocco. In fact, we can observe dozens of large holes in the ground, scattered as far as the eye can see. In stark contrast with the aridity of the region, these waters abound with fish.

Yet another spectacle of nature

Check with reception about organising this activity.


Thanks to its exceptional location in one of the best spots for water sports in the lagoon, La Tour d'Eole offers sporting excursions to suit all levels.

The Ocean Academy accompanies you throughout your stay so you can get your fill of exhilaration with our classes in kitesurfing, downwinding, stand-up paddleboarding and excursions to the surf spots.

White Dune

The White Dune is one of our most beautiful kitesurfing excursions. When you arrive by 4x4 to the site, you will enjoy a session on a perfect spot, around a majestic white sand dune over the lagoon. Then you will enjoy a downwind trip towards our Ocean Academy.