You can't buy happiness, but you can rent a kite. It's almost the same.

In the bay of Dakhla, take advantage of the best water sports spots, but also experts advice during lessons and other courses at the Ocean Academy by La Tour d’Eole. This professional training centre was created in 2017 in collaboration with Bruna Kajiya, triple kitesurfing world champion.

kitesurfing spot

The Dakhla peninsula possesses many assets that built its reputation around the word : a daily sun, a regular wind directed Northern/Northern-Eastern blowing between 15 and 25 knots more than 300 days per year, a flat water and a shallow lagoon around the low tide offering to the users the comfort to touch the bottom.

Our Ocean Academy is located on an outstanding kitesurfing spot and La Tour d’Eole is the first establishment to be built on this much sought-after spot that is still very much untouched: it is paradise for both beginners and more demanding professionals.

In addition to offering the privilege of being almost alone on the water, our localisation give you an access to two spots:
- the main freeride spot just in front of the watersports center, accessible all day long
- the spot known as the “piscine” (the pool), our local speed spot with a very flat water, accessible during the high tide and where your feet will touch the bottom wherever you go.

These spots are swept by a side/on-shore wind that totally secure them to be practiced by everyone.

The plus points of this spot:

  • One location, two sites
  • Completely safe spot with a side onshore wind
  • Untouched, uncrowded area

Multi-activities watersports center 
equipped with high-quality gear 

Equipment is renewed each year and we chose to use the gear of the worldwide know brand Duotone, proposed for rental and for courses.

For those who come with their own kitesurfing equipment, La Tour D'Eole provides, at additional cost, a large storage space with a padlock and an access to changing rooms with hot showers.

Kitesurfing lessons
in the bay of Daklha

Our Ocean Academy school offers courses at all levels throughout the year: whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, our offers adapt to your desires and goals.
We provide introductory courses making kitesurfing accessible to all, progression, improvement (tricks & freestyle) or even discovery of other disciplines to vary the pleasures (strapless, kite foil...).

Depending on your needs and preferences, we let you choose your favorite option between private lessons, semi-private or in group pre-constituted of 3 or 4 persons. Our all-inclusive prices cover instructor, equipment, breakage insurance and safety by boat.
Our teaching sessions last 2 hours and no obligation to book a precise number of sessions at the beginning of your stay because we offer you freedom and flexibility ; it depends of your progression, your motivation, your appetite for this sport and weather conditions.

Our Ocean Academy school is affiliated to IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) since 2020 that offers you a guarantee of quality, pedagogy and international recognition.
As a consequence, all our instructors are IKO graduates, in addition to be multilingual.
By the end of you lessons, you will have the opportunity to be certified on the IKO platform and your kitesurf level will be readable by the worlwide schools.
Besides, you can consult the IKO profile of our school and discover the comments left by our guests after their stay with us :  IKO La Tour d'Eole

The most popular offer of our school for introductory courses is : 10 hours of semi-private lessons or 6 hours private lessons for 500 € including

  • Discovery and assembly/disassembly of the equipment
  • Learning the safety rules
  • Handling the kite on the sand
  • Handling the kite on the water - body dragging
  • Waterstart
  • First starts downwind
  • Ride training in the two directions

The price of courses at all levels are detailed in the brochure below.

Wing Foiling lessons
At our private beach

In addition to kitesurfing lessons, our Ocean Academy also offers wingfoiling lessons, a board sport more and more appreciated and popular. Come and discover this activity accessible to all and experience an incredible feeling of freedom! Intermediate and advanced courses are also possible if you are already initiated.

The terms and prices are the same than the kitesurfing lessons ones described above.

in the bay of Daklha

Dakhla is a paradise for downwind kitesurfing. The White Dune is one of the most beautiful excursions on offer. When you arrive by 4x4 to the site, you will enjoy a session on a perfect spot, around a majestic white sand dune over the lagoon, and then a downwind trip towards our Ocean Academy, 12 kms away.

We also offer other downwind trips for the most adventurers; they will be detailed at the Ocean Academy desk.

Outstanding surf spots
in Dakhla

Our Ocean Academy offers you excursions to discover Dakhla's exceptional surf spots. Still largely undiscovered by surfers, Dakhla offers optimal waves. An advantage of Dakhla's spots is that they offer you the chance to become more advanced; they are ideal for both beginners and experts.

Our Ocean Academy offers surf trips to the best sites, depending on the wave forecast.
Most of the time, we choose Arish spot located at 45 minutes driving from our center and next to a fishermen village. 

You can take lessons or simply rent the equipment, depending on your level.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

The lagoon opposite our Ocean Academy is perfect for Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Leaving from our center, you can take long escapades, discover the beauty of Dakhla seen from the lagoon, and also venture off to secret beaches where you can kick back and relax.

You can also enjoy Stand-Up Paddleboarding in the waves during our excursions on the spots.

available to you

To immortalize your sporting achievements and your memories at La Tour d'Eole, our photographer accompanies on demand your kitesurfing, surfing or SUP sessions on the shore, camera in hand.

Once sorted, the photographs are cropped, processed and retouched to optimize them.

Then, you will have to choose between different packages whose the price varies depending on the quantity of photographs selected and the number of people photographed.

Kids Club
Sporting & fun activitie

Your pleasure, your serenity and your safety on the water are at the heart of our concerns, but the happiness of your children too!

If you want to fully benefit from your kitesurfing sessions or simply offer your children a fun time while you rest on the beach, the Ocean Academy offers you the Kids Club during this time, which welcomes children aged 4 to 12, free of charge.
Different fun or sporting activities lasting from 30 minutes to 2 hours can be offered to your children depending on their age and weather conditions. In front of the school, for the happiness of young and old alike, they can learn to surf, take a SUP ride or compete through races, handle a kite, go shell hunting or try to win the title of champion of sand castles.
We offer an appropriate supervision for all of these activities, but you can also share them to create lovely family memories.
Thanks to the Kids Club, you will no longer be the only ones having a good time on our beach and in our watersports center! The school reception will provide you with more information upon your arrival.